6 Winter Items You Need If You Live In Jeans

As someone who lives in jeans year-round, I’ve found it not just helpful but crucial to update my stockpile of items that pair well my beloved denim each season. After all, as hard as it is to part with your favorite summer sandals or light spring jacket, it’s even harder to get dressed when you don’t have the right clothing for cold weather at arm’s reach, so making the switch is more-than worth it—trust me. So just what am I pairing with my jeans on the daily this season? Quite a bit, actually. From statement coats to chunky boots, just keep scrolling to see, read about, and, of course, shop the six pieces you definitely need to own if you’re not planning on giving your jeans a break this winter.

1. Statement outerwear 

Nothing upgrades a pair of "boring" black jeans like a fun coat.

2. Chunky boots

Trek through winter's worst weather in style by keeping a pair of chunky-soled boots in your arsenal.

3. So many sweaters

From cardigans to simple sweaters, this season is all about layering knits so the more you have the better.

4. Leather layers

As far as what’s trending, right now, anything leather goes. Luckily, the luxe material is not only particularly warm and winter-ready, but it also looks amazing with jeans, too.

5. Fashion sneakers

For those days when you can actually get away with wearing sneakers, you’ll want to have at least one stylish pair to wear with your favorite jeans.

6. Blazers

It's recently come to my attention that a blazer makes literally any outfit look more polished, which means that as long as I'm living in jeans, I'll be living in blazers, too.