I've Worked in Fashion for 10 Years—Here's Everything I Want to Buy Now

If I had to guess the total number of minutes I've spent in my career online shopping, whether for work or for personal, I have to imagine the number may be around six bajillion. It’s what I do all day every day, so you can bet I’ve formed some opinions on the best retailers, brands, and trends out there. So, just for fun, and because I thought you might enjoy it too, I put together my current wish list of the items haunting my online shopping carts. Since I can’t possibly buy them all, go ahead, take a scroll, and shoot me a DM about what I should pull the trigger on. Won’t you be my shopping enabler?

Under-$100 Funsies

The perfect knit camisole does not exi…

Wear it to work out. Wear it to disco. Just don't wear it without me; mine is coming in the mail!

Under-the-Radar Brands

This super-new Los Angeles brand only offers three products. I have my eye on this super-deep plunge, all the better to show off my new long necklace with.

Who knew denim could be reworked in a way that feels fresh? And here I thought I'd seen it all.

This French brand's slippers always sell out fast.

Some Super-Strong Outerwear

It's a triple C: cool club (kid) coat.

Cow print is the new leopard print, ya heard?

Just a Strong, Passionate Need

Solid gold means you'll have this for life.

Spoiler: I did actually buy these. The black version is really nice too.

Is it sad that I want to use this earring as a conversation starter?

The quintessential '80s dress feels very right now again. This one by Jonathan Simkhai is particularly appealing. 

You can always count on Amber Sceats to have a fresh take on the trends.

Every time I see our editor wear these, I am compelled to compliment her.

Don't let me hold you back—you can mix and match the charms! 

Next up: Check out the $33 pants I wore for 72 hours straight

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