Winter Fashion Icons: From Twiggy to Olivia Palermo, We've Chosen Our Favourites

Even though there's still a good two more months to go of winter (sorry about that), we already feel that we've exhausted our cold-weather outfit possibilities.

While winter coats and ankle boots are great, sometimes you need a bit more of a push to be adventurous with your winter ensembles. So, where do you turn to? Luckily, we've come up with a list of some winter fashion icons—both real and fictional—who always give us some ideas on how to dress. From super fabulous looks from the likes of Joan Collins (who else?) to rock 'n' roll vibes from Kate Moss, there are plenty of people to get a few fresh outfits from.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the chicest winter fashion icons...


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Style Notes: There's so much to love here. Notice the coat, the trim, the boots, and the hair. Not only does it work for keeping you warm, it ticks off military, pink, and the metallic boot trends. 


Joan Collins
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Style Notes: Beanies aren't for everyone, and Joan Collins proves that's not the only hat for winter. A stylish turban is a chicer way to keep warm. Just add a faux-fur coat for full fabulousness. 


Kate Moss
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Style Notes: Hello, of course, Kate Moss features here. She does winter style in such a classic way: Nonchalant with a rock and roll twist. 


Lucy Eleanor Moderatz in While You Were Sleeping
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Style Notes: We've made no secret of loving late '80s and early '90s fashion, which is why While You Were Sleeping is so incredible. Sandra Bullock's Lucy makes us want to dash out and buy beanies, cable knits and thick scarves. 


Marilyn Monroe
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Style Notes: Winter dressing isn't just about warm coats and accessories. It's also about looking fabulous in sequins. And no one did it better than Marilyn Monroe. 


Mary Hatch in It's a Wonderful Life
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Style Notes: Mary Hatch might be a fictional character, but that doesn't make her style any less relevant. This velvet dress paired with a white collar trim is the ideal Christmas outfit. 


Jackie O
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Style Notes: Jackie O's style never wavered when it came to pure elegance. From the black coat with white collar to the long gloves, this is the kind of outfit you could dream about wearing to The Nutcracker


Jenny Cavilleri in Love Story
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Style Notes: Ali MacGraw's style in Love Story is still one of the best winter wardrobes ever. Roll necks and oversize jackets, please. 


Carol in Carol
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Style Notes: Carol, played by Cate Blanchette, demonstrated the classic New York style from the '50s. But that doesn't make her wardrobe any less important. The coats, the hats, and the bags are all we want to wear in freezing conditions. Plus, it's set during Christmas. 


Audrey Hepburn
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Style Notes: Audrey Hepburn's style will always be covetable. Here, her simple oversize wool coat and black gloves are all that is needed to look chic. 


Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City
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Style Notes: There are many cold-weather looks we could have plucked from Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe. But it's this New Year's Eve PJ ensemble that we love the most. It's the perfect the mish-mash of comfort, warmth and sparkle. 


Olivia Palermo
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Style Notes: Olivia Palermo is a more contemporary addition to this list, but as a New Yorker, she experiences freezing weather and always knows how to battle the cold temperatures in stylish outfits. 


Anna Karenina
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Style Notes: Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina in 2012 had the most decadent costumes. Okay, we're not always going to be wearing the most expensive threads during winter, but it's a reminder that you can look fabulous when cold. 


Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums
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Style Notes: Gloves, coat, and a Birkin bag. Margot Tenenbaum needs nothing else to look cool when chilly. 

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Elinor Block