10 Winter Coats We Want to Splurge On and 15 More Affordable Options We Love Too

Now that winter is here, it's time to discuss the main component of all of our outfits to come these next few months: coats. And while I love a statement coat just as much as the next person, I always try to fill my closet with outerwear staples that surpass the trend cycle, go with just about anything, and are actually warm.

That said, I'm more likely to reach for a classic camel coat or a cozy teddy on any given day, saving more sartorially daring pieces—like busy prints, non-neutral colors, and unconventional silhouettes—for special occasions. After doing a deep dive into the internet, I was able to find the standout coats of the season among hundreds of options at all price points. Whether you're ready to invest in Toteme or The Row or want an accessible option that's still luxe-looking from Mango or COS, you've got plenty of options below.

Keep scrolling for your guide to winter's biggest essential, from draped scarf coats to sweeping wool coats to everything in between. You'll find picks at $1000, $500, $200, and even a few rare under-$100 gems mixed in. You won't be disappointed if you invest in one of the pricier options below or go for one of the budget-friendly pieces


Ever since I first saw Interior's pieces at its NYFW debut, I've been blown away by every collection. It offers the structure of a classic coat but includes elements like frayed edges and cutouts that make it just the right coat for a fashion person.

Yes, scarf coats may be "trending," but I still firmly believe a coat like this should be worn for years and years to come. 

Crisp, classic, and tailored—everything you should be looking for in a camel coat.

Like every other item in Helsa's collection, this coat just exudes luxury.

A statement coat doesn't always mean clashing prints or bright colors. The texture on this coat still offers an element of interest, balanced out with the cool-toned grey.

No matter what you're wearing underneath, a tailored coat like this will always have you looking polished. The cinched-in waist is just perfection. 

You can do no wrong, sartorially, while wearing The Row.

Made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, this is exactly the kind of coat you'll be happy to have invested in for the winter months. And since it's menswear-inspired and offers a roomier fit, it'll be a perfect fit for those who like to wear thick layers. 

This one's a lot more lowkey then the Toteme option, but just as chic. 

I love Tove for its airy dresses and blouses, but the brand's winter selection is just as good. The element of luxury is never withdrawn from each item, proven by this coat's 100% lambswool fabrication. 


When I found this scarf coat for under $100 on Zara's website, I had to do a double-take. Even on affordable retailers, lower priced coats still average from $150-$300 dollars, so this was a splendid surprise. 

& Other Stories has more of an edited release of products than other retailers in the same category, and the few coats of the current season have already sold out. This beauty, however, is still available in grey, sand, and beige.

Our assistant shopping editor Ana Escalante did a deep dive into finding the best plus-size coat options on the market, and she credits this beautiful Mango coat as one of the best. Many plus-size garments rely on a baggier fit, so it's refreshing to see a coat that's still sharp and tailored while going up to a 4XL.

If you were eyeing that A.L.C coat from above but were unsure about the price, this one's $400 cheaper and offers the same on-trend silhouette. Plus, it comes in grey and cream and these neutral tones offer more wearability in your closet.

For those random winter days when the temperatures aren't freezing (or if you live in a warmer climate), this knitted coat acts as the perfect outer layer.

At $100, this coat isn't wool or a wool blend but offers the same design and silhouette as higher-end coats. You'll save money with this coat in your closet, but may have to layer more if you want to maximize warmth. According to the five-star reviews, customers don't mind the lightweight material and still find the coat warm enough. 

With a slight oversize fit and a maxi length, this coat is the epitome of sleek and sophisticated. 

When Mango released this coat last year, it instantly went viral and sold out within the week. A year later, it's back, and despite time passing, the appeal is still there. This time it's in stock, but I'm predicting it won't long till people are asking for another restock.

How can one not be extremely cozy with a coat like this? It's almost like a portable blanket, which is exactly what I look for when shopping for outerwear.

Whether it's a much-needed night out or a holiday party, this cream fleece coat from H&M will keep you warm and stylish.

This silhouette is identical to a YSL coat I've been eyeing at a fraction of the price.

COS's coats may be a tad higher priced than Zara and Mango, but based on personal experience and reviews from my fellow editors, the quality also surpasses both.

I told you I was able to find the best coats at all prices, and that includes this $50 gem I didn't think finding would be possible. Thank you, Zara.

This entire outfit looks like it came straight out of Hailey Bieber's closet.