It’s 26 Degrees Today Where I Live; Here Are Coats I Recommend

Frozen cheeks, chapped lips, dry hands—I could go on for ages about how winter wreaks havoc on my appearance but in the interest of not being a negative Nancy I'll instead focus on what can be done during these chilly months to help ourselves not feel like hot messes. Aside from investing in a boatload of moisturizing beauty products, what I'm primarily focused on right now is an all-weather, versatile, stylish coat. I live in New York City where today it's a casual 26 degrees and walking a mere few blocks feels like an odyssey I may or may not survive—that is unless I have said coat on my body whilst doing so. When searching for a coat to keep oneself toasty while simultaneously looking great keep in mind a few attributes; fabric, length, and silhouette. Wool is always a safe bet as is something with a cashmere blend. A longer hemline is sure to keep your body temperature insolated. And finally, outerwear with details like a hood or built-in scarf add extra heat.

To help us all remain reasonably warm this season I rounded up 26 coats that are well worth the investment. Scroll down to shop and godspeed!

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