19 Ankle Boots That Will Help You Survive Winter 2019

More likely than not, you’re already experiencing winter weather, whether it’s inevitable snowstorms or never-ending rainy days. As wonderful as it is to enjoy these moments cozied up in the comfort of our own homes, life does require us to leave the house from time to time.

Don’t get us wrong: We love wearing heels and knee-high boots when the occasion calls for them, but they’re not exactly the most practical option when dealing with the (occasionally) tumultuous weather. Instead, a pair of winter ankle boots will be the shoes that get you through any type of winter.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of boots with the right amount of traction or you just want something that feels a little sturdier to take on the outdoors, we’ve rounded up the coolest ankle boots that’ll be your saving grace this season. Shop them all below.

Your morning commute just got so much easier.

The dad shoe meets the hiking boot.

These will be in your closet for years.

It's settled: You'll survive anything in these.