8 Stylish Winter Boots That Will Survive the Next Snow Storm


Collage Vintage

With the arrival of the bomb cyclone, you've officially made it through your first major storm of 2018. But with all that snow and wind comes a reminder that having the right gear can make every bit of difference when it comes to comfort. And the one thing that trumps all others is picking the right pair of boots. Look for lug soles to avoid slipping, fleece lining to keep your toes warm, and waterproofing to make sure the snow doesn't melt through. 

But we know that finding boots that hit the criteria while still looking cute can be a challenge, so we did a little digging for you. Below are eight pairs of boots that while pretty darn good looking, also happen to be practical for trudging through a flurry or snowstorm headed your way. So before the next storm system hits, make sure you've got the shoes you need because even though staying indoors may be ideal, it's not always realistic.

Check out our picks below.