6 Dated Winter Accessories I'm Finally Ditching

During the many, many months of warm weather (I live in the South), I honestly kind of forget about my winter clothes and accessories. (Out of sight, out of mind, right?) But as soon as I see the 50s in the Weather app, I'm digging through bins of temporarily forgotten scarves and hats. 

Something that I notice each year is that my taste in winter accessories really changes, perhaps because I've gravitated toward trendy ones in the past. When I think about it, that's kind of the case this year too. I suppose the reason for this is that winter outfits can be a bit dull and the best way to make them less so is with accessories.

Just for fun, I'm divulging the winter accessories I'm retiring and the ones that are taking their place this year, because closet space isn't infinite, folks. Scroll to shop all of my fresh favorites. 

Ditching: Micro-Mini Bags
Adding: Winter-White Bags

Winter white bags



Tiny bags are obviously cute, but I don't travel lightly, so they don't work for me. White- and cream-colored bags are my current priority, as they go with everything black does but they're far more unexpected.

Bucket hat trend



While some people look cute in berets, I don't. I've tried. So I'm happy to see that bucket hats are trending year-round now, as they're much more flattering, IMO.

Ditching: Snakeskin Boots
Adding: Riding Boots

Riding boots



Remember the obsession a few years ago with snakeskin-embossed everything? Me too. I find it a bit tricky to style so I'm happy to report that one of the biggest boot trends this season is far more pared-down: riding boots. They're as classic as it gets.

Ditching: Big Necklaces
Adding: Big Earrings

Big earrings trend



I don't wear necklaces much in the winter since they're usually hidden beneath my clothes, and statement necklaces that need to be big and bold enough to show up among the sweaters and coats aren't really my speed. Sizable earrings, on the other hand, are a jewelry trend that I love, and they can make a bundled-up winter outfit so much more interesting.

Ditching: Skinny Scarves
Adding: Hooded Scarves and Balaclavas

Hooded scarf



Bet you didn't see this one coming: The scarf trend that's suddenly everywhere is hooded versions (aka balaclavas) so you needn't keep track of a hat as well. People who live in chilly climates will be especially pleased.

Ditching: Futuristic Sunglasses
Adding: Oval Sunglasses

Futuristic sunglasses are still a thing, but I find them tricky to pull off, so I'll gladly swap them for the slim oval styles that are so popular right now.