The #1 Packing Rule Models Swear By

Traveling in style is practically a prerequisite for today's top models. With the rise of the internet's obsession with the "perfect airport outfit," along with top runway stars' constant crisscrossing of the globe, the art of packing is not to be underestimated. But for models, there's one trick each seems to have up their sleeve: mastery of the perfect carry-on. The jet-setting group seems eager to skip heavy checked bags, instead packing light and keeping everything they need by their side (or in an overhead bin come takeoff). 

While we know that it's not always realistic to travel like a minimalist, if the world's most stylish women can pull it off, we think they must be onto something. From Gigi Hadid to Lily Aldridge, these catwalk pros have opened up about their preferences for flying light, and we're taking notes. Whether it be because they've streamlined their travel wardrobe or they're not down with lost luggage, these stylish women prove that it's possible to keep your vacation packing under control

Read on to see what they had to say; then shop carry-on luggage!