Searching for Love in the Secondhand Section

I didn't realize until recently how much of my wardrobe was purchased secondhand. While working in fashion, I feel like I'm always seeing new, new, new, but when it comes to my personal wardrobe, I find that many of my favorite purchases over the last decade or so are ones that I found by chance. This ranges from something as fancy as a Céline bag (a ridiculous stroke of luck) to a $1 T-shirt I found in a bargain bin somewhere outside Sacramento.

While I can't pretend that there's anything glamorous about meticulously thumbing through pastel pantsuits and cat-print sweaters, I often feel that the pieces I find secondhand are a true testament to my personal style. It's often easy for me to get swept up in the next trend or hunting for a random piece that got away three years ago, but stumbling across a vintage jacket I love has a certain intimacy and connection that I haven't found shopping for something new.

I know that the idea of wearing other peoples' clothes freaks some people out, but for me, it's cool to imagine a bit of history and life in something that becomes an intimate part of my closet. And while sustainability may not have been the reason I got into secondhand shopping, it's a great reason to keep it up. Read on for six reasons I love secondhand shopping and maybe snap up a little something for yourself.