These 4 Accessories Will Hold Their Value Year After Year

If you're looking to make an investment purchase right now or are intrigued at noting a few designer accessories that could be of interest at a later date, you've landed in the right spot. That's right—while we've showcased the specific bags that hold their value year over year, we thought we'd dedicate this piece to highlight other accessories that hold strong–especially in the resale market. To gain further insight, we tapped Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of Rebag, which just expanded into the accessories realm in addition to its handbag offering.

Gorra dove into the four investment accessories that retain a lot of their value in that customers will often pay a premium price to own them even at the resale level. Keep scrolling to check out the belts, scarves, and jewelry pieces in question.

1. Chanel Fashion Jewelry

The best Chanel jewelry


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"Chanel fashion pieces, like double-C brooches and pearl necklaces, are particularly high in demand." — Gorra

2. Hermès Printed Scarf

"The fashion house's high-quality craftsmanship reaches beyond their handbags and into their printed silk scarves, most of which are intricately designed by an artist from Hermès's vast roster, making them highly collectible. The Brides de Gala scarf is one such example." — Gorra

3. Hermès Constance Belt

Hermes belt for resale


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"The Constance belt, with its quality leather and instantly recognizable 'H' hardware, is a minimalist-approach to luxury: versatile, functional, and often reversible, making it a 2-in-1 belt." — Gorra

4. Louis Vuitton Charms

Louis Vuitton charms for resale


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"Louis Vuitton creates a broad selection of charms, some limited edition and others as part of an evergreen collection, which guarantees that every Louis Vuitton lover can find a charm to match their handbag."—Gorra