The Designer Bag People Will Always Pay a Premium to Own


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When it comes to the holy grail of handbags, the Hermès Birkin takes the cake. You’re probably well aware of the celeb-favorite bag, along with its expensive price tag. (FYI, here's a history of the bag of you're looking for a refresh.) Even though the price ranges from $10,000 to $217,000 (yes, really) due to the materials and craftsmanship, it's one of the most coveted bags in the world. It's also one of the rare bags that actually holds its value over time. You need to be on a waiting list to acquire a brand-new Birkin, but you can actually get your hands on one much faster (aka immediately) if you go to a high-end resale shop.

This is, in fact, a route many people take. "Birkins are a status symbol, and with the hoops and hurdles it takes in order to purchase one in store, clients are willing to pay a premium to have access to one immediately at stores like Rebag," said Charles Gorra, CEO of Rebag (which just opened two stores in Los Angeles). The brand currently stocks a range of Birkins starting at around $8600. That's right: Even slightly used, customers are still will to drop premium dollars to own a Birkin immediately. Interested in banning a Birk for yourself? Keep scrolling to shop Birkins (if you've really been saving), along with other designer bags.