5 Things I Never Wear When It's Over 80 Degrees Outside

Welcome to July, the month when the heat of summer starts to really get serious. While in June you can expect a mix of warmer and cooler days, once July rolls around, it's day after day of toasty temperatures. When the thermometer surpasses 80 degrees, getting dressed gets tricky. You want to avoid discomfort and (god forbid) sweat at all costs, and what you wear can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Having lived through five East Coast summers now (a childhood of California summers truly spoiled me), I've learned the hard way that faced with face-melting heat and humidity, there are certain clothes that should really never be an option. Whether it be materials that instantly induce waterfalls of sweat or shoes that leave your feet feeling like they're trapped in their own individual toaster ovens, I've learned to avoid at all costs. Below you'll find the five things I never wear once temperatures hit 80 degrees along with what to wear instead.

1. Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics tend to not be breathable, meaning they'll leave you feeling overheated and sweaty.

Instead: Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.

2. Anything Too Tight or Clingy

There's no worse feeling than being trapped in a pair of super-tight jeans when it's roasting out.

Instead: Opt for breezy pieces like a floaty skirt or dress.

3. Dark Colors

No matter how cool wearing head-to-toe black looks, the reality is that it will leave you hot and sweaty, as dark colors tend to absorb heat.

Instead: Opt for light hues—whites and neutrals are easy choices.

4. Boots

There are both a time and a place for boots, but a sweltering day is neither.

Instead: Stick to sandals, or if you need to wear sneakers, opt for a lightweight woven pair (instead of leather).

5. Anything That Shows Sweat Easily

Avoid anything gray and be careful with colors. Depending on material and cut of clothing, sweat stains are a reality when temperatures are on the rise.

Instead: Opt for cuts of clothing along with colors and materials that keep sweat stains to a minimum. Prints can also help to distract from dark spots.

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Now you're all set to survive summer's hottest days in style.