This Is My 5-Piece NYC Summer Wardrobe

It doesn't matter the time of year, as I always have a single goal when getting dressed: to keep things simple. While I don't ascribe to the extreme minimalism of Mari Kondo, I'm partial to a streamlined wardrobe, if for no other reason than the fact that I'm lazy and want to make things easy for myself. For summer, that means focusing on a handful of pieces that keep me cool while still feeling appropriate for the office (but can easily transition to the weekend if necessary). Living in New York, it's not enough to have clothes that look good, as they have to be functional too.

Below you'll find five simple wardrobe staples that are the heaviest hitters in my June-to-September wardrobe. On days I'm feeling particularly uninspired or just plain overheated, these are the workhorse pieces I know that I can count on. Read on for a look at the five items crucial to New York summer style and to shop each style for yourself. Because no matter where you call home, having hero pieces you can count on will make summer dressing that much easier.