What to Wear Ice Skating Regardless of Your Skills or Coordination

what to wear ice skating



When the holidays roll around, a few things inevitably follow: figuring out gifts for your friends and loved ones, drinking more hot cocoa than your body can manage, decorating, going ice skating… All they require is the holiday spirit—yes, even the ice skating. Coordination skills aside, there's just something special about circling the rink, cold winter air on your face, and creating memories—in style, of course.

Whether you're able to freely glide around the ice or tend to hang onto the rails, half the battle is looking—and, thus, feeling—the part. Sounds silly, but it’s true. The key? The right fit. Yes, we mean snug skates, but you also don’t want wide-leg trousers getting in your way or jeans restricting your movements, and you don’t want to be underdressed, either, making each lap a big of freezing cold torture. All that in mind, we’ve selected a few items that are key when it comes to what to wear ice skating, regardless of your skills.


Add a pop of color to your cozy outfit. 

Is it a scarf or a vest? Either way, we love it. 


Longline puffer jackets don't only look comfy; they are comfy.

Everybody needs a good (and stylish) fleece jacket.

This coat will make you look like you know what you're doing.


Forgot your scarf? This turtleneck sweater has you covered.


The fit of these pants is so flattering. 

Cropped pants are ideal so nothing gets in your way while skating. 

Now, stay cozy and layer like a pro this winter with these tips.

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