Put Your Skinnies Away—We're Seeing This Denim Style Everywhere

Okay, not that we have anything against skinny jeans, but sometimes we need a teensy little break. After all, the once-trendy piece has become a staple of our denim collection, one of the most worn pieces in our entire wardrobe. So, every now and then, with the best interests of our wardrobes in mind, we need some sartorial reprieve. Currently, we’re getting just that with wide-leg jeans.

If you thought wide-leg jeans were just for the spring and summer months, think again. Blame it on the ever-classic ’70s aesthetic that goes hand-in-hand with the autumn season, but this ultra-flattering cut is a style we’re seeing on everyone from influencers to celebrities. Plus, the outfit ideas are just as endless as those featuring its body-hugging counterpart.

Wear the look in its baggier form for a take on streetwear, or go for a polished and pressed option to wear for casual Fridays at the office. No matter how you style them, you’ll want to live in a pair all season. Stock up on our favorites now.

An easy alternative to your skinnies.

Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.

You won't want to take these off.

Jess Kamm always makes great wide-leg pants.

Wear these with or without the straps.

These will look so good with a chunky sweater.

This cropped version will be so cute with your fall boots.

These just might have you setting aside your skinnies for longer than you think.

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