18 Gifts to Buy Every Kind of Friend in Your Life

best gifts for friends


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Friends come in all forms and personalities, and it's okay to admit that not every kind of friend in your life warrants gifts that you would give, say, your very best friend. Sure, you might spend a little more on your BFF, but when it comes to that one friend? You know, the one who buys you a gift year after year, and year after year you forget that she buys you a gift, so you scramble to get her something at the last minute because you told her "it still hasn't come in the mail"? Those gifts might not be as luxe.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best gifts for all the different kinds of friends in your life because let's face it. Not all friends are gifted equally. Between your work wife, your childhood best friend, and that one friend who so annoyingly seems to have everything already, we've found a solution that fits the bill. Scroll to the friend category that best describes the friendship you need a gift for, and enjoy spreading all that holiday cheer.


You and your roommate probably watched the hit Netflix original movie Ibiza together, so this book is quite fitting. 

Obviously ideal for that friend who low-key loves to make a statement.

Your BFF

The Squad

Or get a pair of these for everyone in your friend group. Solidarity, sister. 

Your Friend Who Has Everything

Even if she already has a belt bag, I assure you she does not have this one. 

And what product-obsessed fashion girl wouldn't want the new Jacquemus earrings? 

That One Friend Who Always Gets You Something But Shouldn't

Affordable and a typical crowd-pleaser. 

There's something about jewelry trays that always makes for an ideal gift. 

Work Wife

Give your work wife the love she deserves with these sparkly earrings. 

This beaded bag will also do just the trick. 


And who wouldn't love a cool new work tote? 

Family Friend

A scarf they probably wouldn't buy themselves but would be really excited to open. 

Childhood Friend

There's nothing like a pair of dinosaur gloves to remind you of your youth. 

Reminisce about the good old days with kitschy childlike gifts like these hair clips.