Meeting Your S.O.'s Parents? 5 Style Rules to Keep in Mind

Holiday season is in full force, and if you’re in a relationship, you may have a daunting social occasion on your calendar: meeting your partner’s parents. If your significant other invites you home for the holidays, what to wear can seem like the most intimidating part of an otherwise relaxing vacation—especially when it comes to making a first impression. Do you need to wear a dress? Can you stick with jeans? How about heels? Lipstick? It seems trivial, but anyone who has gone through the process can empathize.

To (hopefully) help ease your anxiety, we gathered insight from a group of opinionated parents for advice on outfit dos and don’ts. We have to admit some of these tips are pretty blunt, but it never hurts to hear as many sides as possible before coming to a final sartorial decision. Just remember to stay true to yourself and you’ll be set!

Scroll down to see style rules the parents mentioned, and shop some key pieces to get ready for the big occasion.

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