30 Fall Streetwear Pieces That Measure Up to the Hype

In the streetwear world, hype is the name of the game which makes it even harder to discern whether any given trend or piece is worth the investment or if it'll instead fizzle out like the rest of 'em. As someone who's watched many streetwear brands and trends come and go, I have a good feel for what will stick versus those items that will end up looking super dated next year. Part of the trick is to look for "instant classics" and the more slept-on pieces that only the real ones know about. After all, the last thing you want is for everybody and their mama to be wearing the same thing as you.

As your local streetwear aficionado, I've saved you some time and have linked 30 streetwear pieces that actually measure up to the hype. Keep scrolling to find the season's investment pieces that I believe will only appreciate in value, along with affordable fall staples that will instantly elevate your looks.

PS, there are a lot of gift ideas in here too. Your loved ones will appreciate it! Happy shopping.



(Image credit: @meganadelaide)

While sweater-vests are nothing new, brands are investing in the silhouette even more this year. This play on the classic argyle pattern is exactly why I love streetwear. Surprise is an essential element of building intrigue and, in turn, hype and the varying styles and patterns emerging from this trend are something to keep an eye on.

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(Image credit: @torivanbreugel )

Fleece layers have got to be the most underrated layer in history! The weight to warmth ratio is truly unmatched. Whether it's your inside layer or your top layer, fleece jackets and vests are worth the investment for every version of fallcoast-to-coast, L.A. to Chicago.

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Patterned Leggings and Tights


(Image credit: @taqwabintali)

This trend is probably my favorite purely because a small investment yields big rewards in your styling game, and not to mention added warmth! Taqwa gets additional points for wearing the matching long-sleeve shirt—it gives greenscreen-ready, which I'm always here for.

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(Image credit: @_magda__)

Given what we're currently going through (I don't refer to her anymore), the practical value of the balaclava trend is a reason in itself to pay attention. It's not often that you learn a new fashion vocabulary word, and I must say this one is here to say. The balaclavas this season range from the quirky to the preppy, with something for everyone. Don't believe me? Just watch.

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Plush Cardigans


(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

If you've hit your hoodie and crew-neck quota, look no further than the cardigan trend to be the warm layer you need. The traditionally conservative silhouette has taken a decidedly eccentric turn this season, reviving new interest across the board. Whether you're a punk princess or into a minimal '90s aesthetic, you'll find a plush cardigan to match your energy.

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Baseball Hats


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho )

Cappin' with a cappuccino... I had to do it. We've said it before, but baseball hats have become one of our favorite accessories this season. Whether you're styling them with sweats or a blazer, they are also super versatile and will surely get a lot of wear, so they're worth the investment. 

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