Oh, This Old Thing? 9 Items That Always Prompt Compliments

Thinking about what to wear to get noticed kind of goes against everything we believe in: Clothes are for you to enjoy—screw everyone else's opinions, right? Right. However, we have noticed that certain items always seem to get people talking. We also particularly enjoy paying other people compliments, and we've started to realise a handful of common threads coming up time and again.

Confidence and conversation-starting clothes and accessories come in many forms—some wildly attention-seeking (hi there, faux-fur coat in cotton-candy pink) while others celebrate the cool, calm, quiet collected attitude of classics (perfect-fit blazer, come on down). Keep reading to see the fashion buys that always prove to be popular—and get you noticed for all the right reasons.


1. A Novelty Bag
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

What is it about a bag that actually holds next to zero essentials? There's something brilliantly conversation-starting about an impractical bag—because let's face it, most of us spend our time trying to find one that does fire on all cylinders and carry everything but the kitchen sink. The novelty of a ridiculously small decorative (and relatively useless) handbag never seems to wear off—onlookers can't help but admire your ability to function without stuff. So we'll keep finding an excuse to buy another one.


2. Anything Bright Pink or Red
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

There's science behind red as the a confident one-hue-suits-all option. And there's no happier shade on this planet than bright pink, right? So it's no surprise that either option—both of which are also still on trend right now—seem to garner compliments left, right and centre.

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3. Comfortable (But Cute) Heels
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

Even in 2018, fashion lovers are still surprised by the amount of shoes that are chic AND comfortable. Welcome to the new world, friends, where every brand—from Prada to Zara—offers a plethora of mid-height heels.


4. Heels That Aren't Necessarily Comfortable (But Are Fabulous)
(Image credit: Instagram/@tamumcpherson)

On the other hand, you'll never not receive attention for wearing some insanely hot shoes from a label specialising in vertiginous heels. Who needs comfort when you can order a cab on your phone?


5. An Elaborate Coat
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

When everyone else follows the same black-coat memo as the rest of the planet, you'll always stand out for choosing something different. Be it embroidered, leopard print, fluffy or otherwise, a standout piece of outerwear is always a dead-cert for enthralling onlookers.

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6. Confident, Gigantic Jewellery
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

Nothing says "I have a fully stocked wardrobe" quite like a smattering of supersized jewellery. It's the icing on the cake—the finishing touch that shows you care about your full look, and that deserves some credit, in our opinion.


7. Anything Personalized
(Image credit: Romina Itroini)

You stand less of a chance of losing something when it's got your name plastered on it, and everyone else is self-interested enough to want one for themselves (and will therefore ask you where it's from). 

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8. The Item That Fits You Like a Glove
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Whether it's a wonderfully tailored jacket, a body-skimming dress, a perfect trouser suit or a bum-hugging jeans, any item that fits your figure like a dream is definitely going to a) make you feel awesome, and b) make everyone else see how awesome you feel.


9. Look-at-Me Prints

That jazzy print everyone else is too scared to wear? Yes, that will prompt friends/colleagues/other halves and family members to feel compelled to say something positive. They'll be admiring your style nous and wondering whether '80s neon florals could be their bag too…

Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

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