This Is What "Body-Conscious" Dressing Looks Like in 2018

In the late '00s, red carpets were awash with "body-conscious" Hervé Leger dresses—so much so that the term "body-con" just filtered into every sentence for fashion editors. From Kim Kardashian (not yet West) to Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, the bandage frock became synonymous with the movement. However, as with everything in fashion, its popularity started to wane after a time.

While some celebrities gave it up in favour of more minimalistic outfits, others adapted it to be more modern—like the aforementioned Kardashian West pairing Enza Costa tube dresses with long-line coats. The thing is that not everyone feels comfortable about wearing body-con pieces. It can make you feel like you're on display and that you have to constantly breathe in to make your clothes look as flattering as possible. But there's good news: In 2018, there are plenty of modest, comfortable ways to do body-con dressing. Keep scrolling for three simple ways to do it.


#1: Colour-Block
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Style Notes: Opt for two formfitting pieces in contrasting colours. Not only will the outfit be broken up so you're not making so much of a statement, but you'll be able to find a top and bottom that fit you perfectly. 

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#2: Allude to Underwear
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Style Notes: A subtly sassy way to do body-con is to find a piece that alludes to underwear on the outside. Whether that's a dress that has bustier boning on the outside or defined cups, you'll make people wonder if you're wearing something that you shouldn't.


#3: Fitted but Modest
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Style Notes: Body-con doesn't also have to mean revealing. While Hervé Léger dresses might have been more exposing, fitted frocks today can completely cover you up but still trace the outline of your body.

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