Animal Print Is Back—Here's How to Wear It in 2016

While one might argue that animal print is a classic that never truly goes away, it's quite apparent that the most exotic of prints is astronomically more popular this year than it has been for the past several seasons. It was worn by a slew of show attendees during fashion month, and celebrities like Kendall Jenner have been draping themselves in it as of late.

What makes animal print different this year than in previous seasons is that stylish women are getting more creative with how they incorporate it into their outfits, and designers are using it in ways that make it look more expensive and wearable than ever. Fashion girls are using their sartorial skills to the fullest with leopard, zebra, snake, and tiger prints, opting to make it a focal point of their outfits as opposed to just an accent piece, and even mixing it with other bold prints and colors. Even Anna Wintour was spotted wearing a zebra-print coat this year! Ready to work more animal print into your wardrobe?

Keep scrolling to see tips on how to wear it the modern way, and shop some of our favorite pieces featuring the classic trend!