What to Wear to an Engagement Party Right Now

It's that time of year where everyone is getting engaged or married, and there seem to be a million other events on your social calendar that you need to dress up for (spring racing, anyone?). Over the next month, we're going to help you navigate this busy season, starting with engagement party dressing. 

So what do you wear to an engagement party? It all starts with where it's going to be held. It's easy to just reach for the first pretty dress you find, but you'll feel more comfortable if you consider what it is you're doing before choosing your look. 

We've narrowed our list down to five types of engagement parties, and the perfect outfit to wear to each. Right now, fashion is all about feminine shades of pink, plum, red, and burgundy, so keeo that in mind when picking out your look. 

Keep scrolling to peep five engagement party-perfect looks and bookmark this page so you can keep referring back to it.


A relaxed garden party calls for a relaxed outfit. Go for long floaty pieces, and make sure you opt for either flats (we love a pair of slides), or a block heel so you don't sink into the grass. 


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WHO: Aimee Song


A cocktail party is your opportunity to err on the side of sexy. If you're wearing a slinky slip, add a coloured silk bra underneath to keep the look fun. Ankle boots will dress it down, and a sling bag will keep your hands free for canapes and champagne.


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WHO: Sarah Ellen


If you're spending a day by the ocean, go for soft florals and neutral colours. Why? Well, we can already imagine the perfect Instagram shot against the blue hue of the sea. Plus, florals + spring = perfect combo. 


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WHO: Sarah Rutson


If the enagement party falls on a Sunday, its generally a more low-key vibe, but that doesn't mean you need to slum it in your casual duds. A matching two-piece set and chunky heels is the perfect way outfit to end the weekend in. 


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WHO: Olivia Palermo


Here's your opportunity to go all out and wear the most special piece you can find. This is your chance to wear sequins without feeling overdressed, so embrace this moment.


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WHO: Giovanna Engelbert

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