The Complete Guide on What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

If you thought wedding season was over, think again. Sure, there's always talk of summer weddings, but as the trends have proven, the cycle of nuptials does not actually end after Labor Day (though, your outfits might change for events that take place later in the year). For a fall wedding, it's all about reimagining your warm-weather staples in a new way. Florals take a darker turn, lighter materials are swapped for velvet instead, and hey, you may want to throw in a jacket too.

If you're currently on the hunt for something to wear to the next fall wedding on your calendar, we're here to help. Below, we broke things down by dress code to help you figure out what will work for your next soirée, no matter the theme. Shop our favorite picks (at every price point) below. 

Black Tie



This is where you bring all the drama. Think rich silks in warm tones, crushed velvets, and dresses with long (and dramatic) sleeves. To the dresses below, don't be afraid to bring out the statement accessories.



If I'd had to label the easiest dress code, it would be a cocktail. It hits the perfect medium ground between black tie and casual. There's also more room for opting for more personal and unique touches with prints, shorter silhouettes, and vibrant colors.




I love a daytime or outdoor wedding, and I'm sure it's easier on the wallet and wardrobe too. You can dress up pieces you already own, and if you're purchasing a new one, at least you'll know that it can be more versatile than a gown. Lighter materials like cotton or crepe in floral prints and bright colors all will work.




Creative may not be the most common dress code, but it comes into play for weddings where the bride and groom want guests to bring personality and fun into their looks. If I had to pick a favorite dress code, it would be this one. This is where you can have more flexibility with trendier pieces.