31 Beach Wedding Guest Dresses We're All Over for 2022

What to wear to a beach wedding



If you've been invited to a beach wedding, I'm not at all jealous. (*Sarcasm*) It's one of the most exciting wedding venues to dress for because you get to compliment the beautiful background of the sky and sea. With a focus on light and breezy fabrics that soak up the sunshine, you'll be sure to enjoy your event. 

So when you're deciding what to wear to a beach wedding and the dress code says "beach formal," you might be wondering what that means. The loose definition would suggest looking your best for a formal affair keeping in mind the setting will include salt and sand. The 31 dresses below will make for a great place to start your shopping.

You can never go wrong with a splash of sunny yellow.

Owning this dress is one of my biggest accomplishments.

A subtle way to nod to the butterfly trend.

This color is called fire, and that's the element we want to be known for.

There's no better time to wear a slip dress. Plus, if you take off your shoes at the beach, no one will know.

This color would look so great against the sand.

This dress has been on my bucket list for so long.

Sign me up for the bridesmaid position.

I can't believe the price point.

I've never seen a better shade of orange.

My ideal slip-dress silhouette.

You can't go wrong wearing blue to a wedding.