12 '90s Party Outfit Ideas for Your Next Theme Party

The ’90s are back like never before. For some of us, it might feel as if the decade of supermodels, slip dresses, and grunge was only yesterday, but as hard as it is to believe, others consider pieces from the time to be “vintage” (we know). Regardless, if you happen to be heading to a theme party in the coming weeks—particularly those surrounding a decade-specific dress code—you’ll want to know exactly what to wear to channel the ’90s for the night.

Luckily, considering the trends on the market, getting dressed for a ’90s theme is easier than you might think. But just in case you want a little sartorial inspiration, we gathered looks from the coolest It girls that’ll help you build your outfits effortlessly. Whether you’re opting for a Cher Horowitz–approved tweed set or an easy slip dress with a cardigan, these looks will have you ready for your ’90s party in minutes. Check them all out below…

Style Tip: Pair a classic tube top with cargo pants for an ensemble featuring two ’90s trends.

Tube tops are back, and this one will get you into the ’90s look without a hitch.

Yes, cargo pants are back, and they’re more versatile than you might think.

Cool outfits for '90s party



Style Tip: A collared minidress paired with a chic headband will have classic prep-school vibes.

Nothing channels the ’90s quite like a chunky headband.

You can wear this shirtdress for any casual occasion you might have coming up.

Style Tip: A cozy sweater with neutral hues paired with a breezy floral skirt is a classic look worthy of Lisa Bonet.

A floral skirt with ruffles will always feel so romantic (and perfect for spring).

How to dress for a '90s party



Style Tip: When in doubt, throw a cardigan over your your outfit for a effortless ’90s outfit.

We’re not one bit upset about the return of the cardigan.

A pair of jeans like these will get so much wear.

Bucket hat and windbreaker '90s outfit



Style Tip: Sport a classic windbreaker with a bucket hat for a ’90s hip-hop vibe.

Wear this windbreaker for everything from your workouts to brunch and errands.

No matter what, a pair of classic black leggings will always have a spot in your closet.

Style Tip: Sport a floral slip dress with a plaid flannel shirt for the quintessential juxtaposition of romance and grunge.

 A flannel shirt = the ideal lightweight layer.

A floral dress with lace trim? The perfect way to nail the ’90s.

Style Tip: Want another slip-dress ensemble? Wear a a plaid dress with an easy cardigan over it.

Throw this on over all of your outfits to look instantly polished.

Wear this plaid slip dress for any (and every) occasion.

Style Tip: Take on the ’90s-style business casual with pleated pants and an oversized blazer.

A check blazer like this will be the perfect alternative to your standard black one.

Wear these pants to the office or for an evening out.

Style Tip: Nothing gets more iconic for the decade than a matching tweed set.

A plaid mini skirt can be worn for work or for a night out.

Colorful '90s outfit for party



Style Tip: A bright cardigan paired with equally bright pants will have you channeling your favorite Spice Girl in no time.

The slits on these make them so much cooler than classic trousers.

Patent pants and tube top '90s outfit



Style Tip: Get ready to dance in a pair of patent pants and a tube top.

Nothing will make you stand out quite like these patent pants.

Normcore '90s outfit for theme party



Style Tip: For cool and comfortable option, wear a turtleneck with a pair of easy jeans and chunky sneakers.

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