What To Wear For A LONG Day Of Shopping

What you wear to shop has a huge impact on your shopping experience. Not only can the wrong outfit slow you down, frustrate you, and/or literally prevent you from trying certain things on (if you’ve ever unintentionally gone shoe shopping, or shopping period, in a zip or lace-up boot, you know it’s over before it begins), it can cause you to overspend. You skip the dressing room, swearing you’ll return the item if it doesn’t fit, only you never do—and you’re stuck with something you don’t really love and never would have purchased if you’d actually tried it on. We’ve all been there.

The last day of the year to be struggling to pry off an over-the-knee boot each time you need to try something on, however, is Black Friday. The sales are too good to allow impractical outfit choices to hinder you, so we put together a guide to dressing stylishly for a long day of serious shopping. Click through for exactly what to wear for a LONG day of shopping—and good luck out there!