What Fashion Girls Always Do When They Travel

If you’ve ever traveled with a fashion lover, you likely already know that no matter the destination (Paris, Morocco, Cuba—we could go on) she always has her eyes peeled for unexpected treasures.

Why is this a good thing? Whether it’s a vintage fringe jacket from a desert thrift store or a beautiful printed shawl from a European market, training oneself to be on the look out for meaningful, uncommon pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe can be the best way to cultivate your personal style. Even better, they tend to cost far less than designer goods. No complaints about that!

Sans vacation plans? No biggie. We scoured our favorite websites that aggregate products from around the world so you can start integrating these one-of-a-kind gems into your look. Scroll down to see and buy our stylish finds!

What's your favorite piece you've gotten while traveling? Tell us about it in the comments.

Opening Image: The Blonde Salad