I Have Classic Style—These Anti-Trend Pieces Are All I Can Think About Right Now

We’re currently experiencing a heatwave in the UK, so we’re well and truly in what feels like the thick of summer. Even trench coats have fallen by the wayside, paving the way for light ensembles and one to two-piece outfits at best.

Although many people enjoy bundling up to autumn, summer is my favourite season for fashion. It's indicative of holiday dressing, which is nostalgic, and it also offers a laid-back approach to getting dressed. Hot temperatures call for simplicity as layers are shed and the crux of an outfit becomes the focal centrepiece. It makes styling intentional and fuss-free.

As a dress person, I appreciate the ease of being able to don free-flowing frocks in the summer breeze and call upon simple yet effective style implements, like dominant accessories and streamlined footwear, for example. And as we approach even hotter temperatures, I’m relying on natural fabrications, like linen. Although linen is characteristically relaxed, the tailored skirting trend has inspired smarter pieces and design elements have become considered for day-to-day wearability. Double-lined linen, waistcoat and skirt pairings and belt loops enable linen to be celebrated beyond the realm of resort wear.


(Image credit: @writtenbyavalon)

Avalon wears the Wolford 'Gilda' dress and Soru 'Antica' Earrings.

Summer is also the season I introduce statement pieces into my arsenal (but still in keeping with my style). I have classic style, and rarely pay attention to what’s "in”, but this summer the trend-forward pieces that are beckoning me are bandeau silhouettes and low-slung maxi skirts, so I’ve pulled some pre-existing pieces that fit in with those themes. The prevalence of ‘autumnal’ hues is also a theme woven throughout some of my favourite summer pieces. Green, ochre and brown are colourways that are often characterised by cooler seasons, but they have found their way onto summer dresses and it's encouraging me to introduce earthy tones into my mostly neutral capsule.

2023 is also the year of the accessory. There are some notable collaborations, including the highly anticipated Shrimps X Daisy collaboration and emerging jewellers YSSO and Soru have also piqued my interest. This summer, jewels are inspired by earthy textures and organic shapes have permeated feeds and new season collections. Sizable studs have followed in the wake of Bottega Veneta's infamous drop earrings.

If you ask me, there’s no better way to advance a monochromatic outfit than with elaborate coined studs reminiscent of your favourite ‘80s heroine. Take it from one neutral palette wearer to another. Keep on reading for my edit of pieces to invest in or inspire you this July and beyond.


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Freelance Fashion Editor

Avalon Afriyie is a freelance writer and storyteller based in London. She specialises in sustainable fashion, health and the narratives of marginalised communities.

She has a background in fashion show production and styling, having previously worked on The Clothes Show and with the Lyst Group. Since graduating in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in English and contemporary media, she’s worked as a feature writer for an independent publication and a contributor for Quill’s creator network. She now marries her passion for words and style, writing for some of the most esteemed fashion and lifestyle publications, Who What Wear UK and Stylist.

Avalon also provides copywriting services, creative consultancy, and visual media for independent businesses, including travel guides, interviews, press releases and blog posts. Her work has been featured on Lush, Contiki, Youswim and Ohne.

She spends her days writing to her heart’s content for business and pleasure, shooting on film and dreaming of residing a stone’s throw away from the ocean with her love and a pup (clad in a sweeping frock, of course). She’s currently penning ideas for a book of personal essays and free verse poetry on love, life and the stages in between.