What Not to Wear When It's Super Hot Out

It all started one morning when I was getting dressed for work during an especially hot week in L.A. As I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit (my everyday jewelry pieces), I decided to skip the rings, telling myself it wasn’t worth the discomfort in such heat. After all, your hands are the first thing to, for lack of a better word, swell in the summer.

This got me thinking: What else is simply not worth wearing when it’s super hot outside? A few things came to mind instantly, and a couple others after a conveniently timed trip to New York and quick chat with our East Coast team, and here we are: I’ve compiled a short but sweet (and life-saving) list of the things to avoid wearing when the mercury is especially high—if you want to be even semi-comfortable.

Scroll through to see the full list of what not to wear when it’s hot outside and shop the best alternatives to each!

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Opening Image: Fashion Me Now

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