What Not to Wear When It's Super Hot Out

It all started one morning when I was getting dressed for work during an especially hot week in L.A. As I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit (my everyday jewelry pieces), I decided to skip the rings, telling myself it wasn’t worth the discomfort in such heat. After all, your hands are the first thing to, for lack of a better word, swell in the summer.

This got me thinking: What else is simply not worth wearing when it’s super hot outside? A few things came to mind instantly, and a couple others after a conveniently timed trip to New York and quick chat with our East Coast team, and here we are: I’ve compiled a short but sweet (and life-saving) list of the things to avoid wearing when the mercury is especially high—if you want to be even semi-comfortable.

Scroll through to see the full list of what not to wear when it’s hot outside and shop the best alternatives to each!

Don’t Wear: Rings

Do Wear: Light Earrings or Layering Necklaces

Like I said before, when it’s exceptionally hot, your hands are prone to swell, making your once-unnoticeable daily rings quite uncomfortable. 

Don't Wear: Super-Strappy Sandals

Do Wear: Sneakers or Sandals With Thick Straps

Super-strappy sandals (especially those with thin straps) on a warm day will dig into your feet, which not only feels bad, but it isn’t the best look either. 

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Don't Wear: Anything Silk

Do Wear: Linen or Cotton

While it’s tempting to break out your favorite silky top for a chic summer outfit, as far as breathability goes, the fabric is among the lowest on the scale. Not only will you feel restricted, but you can end up ruining your clothing if feeling hot turns to sweating.

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Don't Wear: Too-Tight Jeans

Do Wear: Loose-Fitting Pants

Jeans that start off tight in the morning will only get more restrictive as the day goes on. Combine that with heat and humidity, and you’ll be wishing you opted for a more forgiving option.

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Don't Wear: Gray or Black Clothing

DO Wear: Brighter Colors

Okay, so black may be an obvious one, as it’s known to attract heat, thus making you feel warmer, but have you ever stepped out in a gray T-shirt on a warm, summer day? Hopefully not, or you’d know that the light shade is the quickest to reveal even the slightest sweat stains—which no one wants in July.

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