I'd Scream If Someone Wore Any of These 6 Things to My Wedding


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Look, my wedding is still years away but I’m already preparing my friends and family for the massive celebration that is to come. I am the definition of a fashion girl so naturally, I'm sure I'll have something to say about what guests wear to my special day. To simplify things, I’m more specific about what I’d prefer that they don’t wear.

Recently, I attended a wedding as a plus one and I had never met the bride before so as I selected my dress of choice I was very thoughtful about what I chose, hoping not to offend anyone. While I was getting ready for the wedding, I decided to film a video about the rules that I follow as a wedding guest and it went viral with over 300,000 people expressing that they agreed with me. 

Before I get into my wedding guest rules, I must mention this disclaimer: if you’re unsure and you have a close enough relationship with the bride to send her a text, I’d just snap her a photo of your dress and ask her what she thinks. If you don’t know her well enough to send that text, stay on the safe side and follow these rules. My wedding still isn’t happening anytime soon but if you’re attending, know that I’d scream at you if you wore one of these 6 things.

Skip: Massive Cutouts

Shop: A Subtle Glimpse of Skin


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I still haven't forgotten the dress Kendall Jenner wore that broke the internet. Her dress was amazing but there were so many cutouts and the internet got into a heated debate, was it appropriate for her to wear that dress to a wedding? My personal opinion is that weddings are not the best time for a dress that has a ton of massive cutouts. One of my friends recently asked guests specifically not to wear any cutouts since she felt it was inappropriate for the occasion. Save that cutout dress for your next girls trip.


Skip: Plunging Necklines

Shop: Modest Yet Flattering Cuts


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Plunging necklines make for a very fun and bold fashion statement but I'm not sure the bride's older family members will be in tune with that trend. There are so many dresses that can flatter your bust without showing way too much, look for sweetheart necklines or bustier style tops if that's an area you'd like to compliment while still being modest.


Skip: The Color Red

Shop: This Season's Color Palette


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One of the most controversial debates of all is whether or not red is appropriate for a wedding day. I say, unless you know the bride personally and have gotten her permission, skip the bold shade of red. There's an urban legend that wearing red means that you've slept with the groom and while we've moved past that, some older generations haven't. In some cultures, red is what the bride wears and since you don't want to steal the show from her, I say skip the red and wear one of the season's hottest colorways instead. This year, I'd try to play around with green or pink.


Skip: Mini Dresses

Shop: Midi Never Fails


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Mini dresses are a great option for an event that lists the dress code as cocktail attire but think of a wedding as your opportunity to pick out something that has a longer silhouette. Midi and maxi-length dresses are so flattering and the perfect attire for a wedding guest. Knee-length is also an appropriate length.


Skip: Denim Anything

Shop: Formal Trousers or a Jumpsuit


It might be a habit for you to grab a denim jacket before attending a wedding, but I suggest otherwise. It should go without saying but jeans are an absolute no-no. You won't regret wearing a pantsuit though if you're looking to dance all night.


Skip: Light Colors That Could Be Confused for White

Shop: Try Florals Instead


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I attended a wedding once and one of the guests was wearing a champagne gown. I mistakenly thought she was the bride and was shocked to learn otherwise. If you're attending a wedding where the bride traditionally wears white steer very clear of any sort of champagne colorway. Some very light pinks could also be confused for white in photos so keep that in mind as well.


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