6 Things I Refuse to Wear During Summer (and What I Wear Instead)

Summer Dress + Sandals Street Style


Acielle/Style du Monde

Are you one of those people who is always freezing? If so, move on. You don’t need this. Go on wearing whatever you want all summer while the rest of us sweat it out. I envy you, truly. Now, if you’re still with me, perhaps you’re one of those people who’s always hot, or maybe you’re just, well, normal. Either way, the below might be of use to you.

I’m always on the warmer side, so I’ve become rather picky with what I will and won’t wear when the temperatures reach their peak in the summer. It’s become a mandatory practice at this point in order to avoid complaining all day (at the expense of those around me). And while some things may be obvious summer no-nos, I’ve found through trial and error that others aren’t always the clearest.

So what do I avoid from June through August, and what do I wear instead? Keep scrolling to find out.

Won’t wear: Skinny jeans
Will wear: Straight or loose jeans

Thought all jeans are created equal? Think again. While some avoid jeans entirely during this season, parting with my favorite staple is impossible for me, so I stick to specific styles instead. Skinny jeans are off the table for two reasons. Firstly, they stick to your legs from top to bottom, and that on its own is intense. However, in order to get that tightness, they also tend to be made up or more synthetic materials, which are less breathable than 100% cotton.

Won’t wear: Synthetic blouses
Will wear: Breathable tops

Few things sound more miserable to me than the thought of wearing a clingy polyester blouse on a hot, humid day. Even if you're not prone to sweating, that's about enough to do it. So rather than wearing restrictive synthetic blouses, I stick to tops that are either sleeveless or looser, and made of breathable materials (such as linen and cotton)—or, of course, a combination of the above.

Won’t wear: Wool blazers 
Will wear: Light blazers & cardigans

As sad as it's been to neglect the wool blazers I bought this fall and winter, I think it would be harder to actually wear them on a summer day. Even when they look light and feel, wool blazers can keep you extremely warm, so it's best to put them away for the time being. Instead, I've been wearing airy, linen blazers as well as cute cardigans. 

Won’t wear: Pumps
Will wear: Heeled sandals & mules

One of the sad realities of summer is swelling. It happens to all of us—especially after a long day (or night) in heels. And when this happens, pumps are one shoe style that will not be forgiving, since they’re completely closed around your foot. Heeled sandals, slingbacks, and mules, on the other hand, will give you a little more wiggle room when you need it.

Won’t wear: Leather or PVC bottoms
Will wear: Linen bottoms

Currently, I have a few PVC and leather skirts and pants in my wardrobe that I’d love to get more use out of, but it’s just too hot. They literally trap heat and can be really uncomfortable to walk around in if you’re the slightest bit warm. Instead, I’ve been opting for all things linen lately. Skirts, shorts, and trousers are all in my rotation, and I wear them for anything from work to a Sunday stroll.

Won’t wear: Turtlenecks & mock necks 
Will wear: Trendy tanks 

Remember how thin layering turtlenecks as well as skater-inspired mock-necks were all the rage this fall and winter? I do because I have a drawer full of them, but to be honest, even if it wasn’t too hot for them (it definitely is!), I just don’t feel like it looks right in the summer. I’d rather embrace the season in an of-the-moment racer or one-shoulder tank.