The Sunglasses That Are in and Out This Summer, According to Instagram

Fun fact: Today, June 27, is National Sunglasses Day. While I may not have known about this internet-invented holiday if I didn't work in media, I figured that at the very least, it’s a great time to check in on the sunglasses trends that are in and out this season either way. It only makes sense when you consider that summer is finally in full swing and the odds of us having an upcoming vacation are only getting higher.

So when it came time to gather the trend info, I thought who better to ask for insights than our Instagram-savvy friends at Dash Hudson, a social media marketing platform? The team there might even have more of a pulse on what is trending than we editors do. After all, if it’s popular on the ’gram, it’s popular in real life (and vice versa). So just what is and isn’t trending in the world of eyewear right now? We've got the scoop, based on the pairs that are overachieving in terms of IG engagement as well as those which are falling a bit flat. To read about what’s in and out, plus see and shop the top sunglasses styles of the season, just keep scrolling.

Out: Micro

With an engagement rate that’s 23% below that of all other sunglasses on Instagram, it looks like the tiny-sunglasses trend is finally ready to go. It took a while though, no? If you’re wondering what your new statement shade will be, not to worry, because there are countless other trending pairs to choose from this summer.

In: Colored Lenses

According to Dash Hudson, colored lenses are the top-trending sunglasses style on Instagram, with an engagement rate that’s over 20% higher than other styles. So if you’re looking to invest in only one new style this season, you now know what it is.

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Out: Futuristic

Think of these as the sporty trend taken a few steps further. While we wouldn’t recommend getting rid of your spacey shades, they appear to be slowly on their way out, so we wouldn’t suggest purchasing a new pair either.

In: Sporty

Lucky for anyone who invested in a pair when they started bubbling up last year, sporty sunglasses are not only still in but also on the up and up, garnering an engagement rate that’s over 17% higher than other sunglasses on Instagram.

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Out: Circle Shapes

With their engagement levels at 20% less than the average sunglasses, we suggest putting the circle-shaped shades away for a few seasons until they (inevitably) come back in style.

In: Atypical Shapes

Think squares, ovals, hexagons, and even hearts. The strange-shape trend isn’t necessarily on the rise anymore, but it definitely isn’t declining either, so if you already own them or have your eyes on a pair, it’s still a safe bet.

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Out: Overly Oversize

So we know tiny is out, but it seems that so is too-big. The fact that over-the-top, oversize sunglasses (in any shape) are underperforming on Instagram by 23% tells us that the move this season is medium.

In: Retro

Retro-inspired sunglasses, including aviators, metal frames, and styles with a top bar, are also overperforming at a moderate level, which makes complete sense seeing as they are the most classic of the bunch. While they are not rapidly increasing in engagement, odds are these won’t be going away anytime soon.

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