Selena Gomez's Stylist Says These Are Summer's Best Basics—Period

Selena Gomez Airport Outfit


Stephen Crawshaw/Backgrid

Is it just me, or does shopping for anything become exponentially harder when you put the word summer in front of it? Summer dresses, summer sandals, summer basics… You get the gist, right? Unlike in other seasons where layering is an option and you’re generally more, well, clothed, in the warmer months, it feels like there’s so much riding on so few pieces. Every item you wear has to be individually perfect or what’s even the point?

If, much like the temperature, your stress level is slowly rising, take a breather because nailing your summer style is about to get unbelievably easy. Seeing as basics are the backbone of any enviable wardrobe, we reached out to celebrity stylist Kate Young (whose clients include Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller, and more) to give us the lowdown on which are the best of the best. As expected, she delivered. Whether you’re looking for new items to sprinkle in or need to update a good portion of your closet, she’s got the affordable finds and investment pieces for you.

From the T-shirt that won’t untuck on you to the sunglasses she personally perfected to the best shoes and even some bonus items such as her favorite carry-on luggage and sunscreen for your next trip, simply continue on to see, read about, and shop Kate Young’s favorite summer essentials.

"This bathing suit is the perfect color and shape for this summer. Baywatch fantasies…"

"I've been obsessed with this since the minute I saw it. The best straw hat ever."

"This is the cutest knit for when nights get a little chilly."

"This sunscreen that won't hurt the ocean and doesn't make your skin feel weird is essential."

"These are the best beach shoes."

"The perfect tourist bag. I love the size and that it zips closed."

"I'm so obsessed with these clutches. They make any outfit fun."

"White luggage is a terrible idea—except that I LOVE it.

"I'm so looking forward to reading this book. I heard it's incredible."

"It's the best necklace. Cool, and a cause I really care about."

"My favorite classic high-waisted jeans—for real."

"Retro white cotton panties that look divine with a tan."

"My favorite denim for this summer."

"Shoes to make my slip dresses look '90s."