7 Things You Shouldn't Buy When You're Tight on Money


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We all experience moments in our lives when excess spending just isn’t option, whether they’re due to extra bills, loans, or a change in careers. At times like these, it’s smart to reconsider your shopping habits in order to feel more financially secure. Yes, this of course means budgeting differently in terms of food, beverages (you don’t need all of those Starbucks lattes), and entertainment, but also your fashion spending. Below, we’re highlighting seven style items you shouldn’t buy when you’re tight on money. Avoid these items and you’ll be well on your way to a better financial future.

Keep scrolling for our guide, and go a bit further to shop classic must-haves that are worth it when you are ready to shop again.

While buying items in bulk may seem like a great deal at the time—the thinking being that you’re getting more items for a lower price than buying the items all individually—you probably really only need one of the pieces. Think about it: One to three solid black tees will most likely suffice for a while; there’s no need to spend more for a pack of 10.

If you’re feeling a bit tight on money, it’s best to only purchase items you can really wear right off the rack. While tailoring is key for the absolute perfect fit, it’s an added expense that can be avoided if you choose pieces that don’t need significant alterations.

It can be so tempting to buy something because it’s crazy red-lined. But remember, if you didn’t go into a store or to an e-tailer for that item specifically, chances are you don’t really need it. Save that money for when you find something you really, really need.

Subscription fashion services where you receive a special box every month with clothing and accessories can be worth it, but more often than not, you don’t actually need any of the items in the box. As in, if you had never received the pieces, you would never have known you wanted them. 

One rule to always keep in mind: If you already own a similar item to something you’re spotting in a store, don’t buy it. You don’t need it. Sure, you may like that certain blazer that’s on sale in a boutique, but if you have a just-as-beautiful iteration in your closet, you can skip buying multiples and save your money.

Make sure you check the shipping rates for some of your favorite international sites. While you may adore a specific piece, the cost may not be worth it if the shipping and handling is expensive. The good news? Chances are you’ll be able to find that item on another e-tailer—or at least something very similar. 

Just like pieces that need to be tailored, it’s best to avoid purchasing items that can only be dry-cleaned. You’ll end up spending way more taking care of that item than you really need to. Opt for fabrics like cotton that can be machine-washed.

Which items do you avoid when you’re on a budget? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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