4 Colors That Look Fabulous Paired With Gray

We’ve covered which colors look good with brown, so today we’re turning eye to another hue that can be a bit trickier to style than basic black. Gray can be one of those confounding colors. What colors even go with gray? Our co-founder Hillary Kerr always says that since nothing goes with gray, everything goes with gray. We adore this way of thinking—the fewer fashion rules the better in our book. However, if you need a little inspiration to get started, we do think there are some pairings that are particularly pleasing, and have found examples of how to wear the neutral IRL. And with fall almost upon us, we figure there’s no better time to figure out how to wear the seasonal hue than now. Scroll on for four colors that go with gray fabulously, along with a bonus non-color that we think also looks particularly pretty with it.


Purple has been having quite the moment in 2018, so it's a great pick to make gray feel particularly fresh. 

What Colors Go With Gray: Loulou de Saison Street Style


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Available in sizes 14 to 22.


May we be so bold as to recommend a neon orange to wear with your gray separates? The Day-Glo color is back in a major way. 

What Colors Go With Gray: Orange Purse


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Available in sizes XS-L.


If you're quite perplexed about how to wear gray, we think pink is perhaps the easiest option to start with, as the pairing feels quite seamless.

What Colors Go With Gray: Pink Sneakers


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Available in sizes XS to L.


Yellow and black may make you think of bumblebees, but the sunny color with gray is a stylish sidestep we recommend.


We're aware that white isn't exactly a color, but we couldn't help but point out how fresh it looks with gray, especially if you prefer an allover-neutral outfit.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

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