I'm Fairly Confident This Pretty Color Trend Has the Longest Shelf Life

Throughout the last few years, we've seen a handful of color trends come and go—millennial pink, Gen-Z yellow, slime green (that even sparked its own hashtag #slimewatch2k18), and a pale yellow shade that became the new neutral of 2019. But few colors have thrived as long as purple. The color first saw its popularity spike with what The Cut dubbed as "melodramatic purple." Since then, purple hues have had a foothold in the fashion world that just won't quit.

Ahead, we've gathered the best of the best when it comes to how the fashion crowd is incorporating the color into their outfits. From a matching periwinkle suit to a bright lilac sweater used to accentuate a look, here are the six best purple ensembles proving its long shelf life.



A true color chameleon, purple proves it can even fit in at the rodeo. Grece Ghanem paired her prairie inspired dress with a pair of well-worn cowboy boots in a look that I'll be imitating as soon as the weather warms up.

If you decide to go full speed ahead on the color, try offsetting it with a simple bottom—like Francesa Omorogbe's black bike shorts here—to break up the colorful ensemble.



Purple cardigans have been a mainstay this past season. Dress yours up with a more formal-looking pair of trousers. 

Purple and yellow is the color combo you never knew you needed. To pull this ensemble off, stick to clean and basic silhouettes that don't tout any designs or other accouterments.



Try mixing and matching different purple hues to add some dimension to a head-to-toe outfit.  

While purple is typically a bold color choice, the right shade can almost act as a neutral. Case in point? This periwinkle-like matching suit set.