12 Waterproof Boots That Are Actually Really Cute


(Image credit: @moderosaofficial)

Some rainy days are enjoyable whether you have to go out or not, and for others, it’s quite an inconvenience. If you’re part of the latter group, we feel you. But even when the sky decides to pour down on us and all of our plans, our outfits don’t have to scream defeat. Au contraire, fellow readers. Instead of letting the rain get the best of your inspiration when getting dressed in the morning, show it who’s boss. And the best way of doing so? Well, you have to start with the right shoes. Not any shoes will do, though. Forget about wearing your white kicks or our suede flats (even if you protected them with a spray), you have to opt for waterproof booties.

Waterproof booties are a game changer when it comes to rainy days. Not only you can strut the puddle-filled sidewalks of the city with an air of confidence but they add a nice edge to your outfits as well. No—we’re not talking about the fire truck red waterproof, rain boots you used to wear when you were a 5-year-old; we’re talking about the updated and elevated versions of those. From classic Chelsea boots and pointed toe booties to heeled boots and plastic ones that you actually wouldn’t mind wearing, the market has waterproof booties you’ll love and will want to wear even when the sun is shining. Want to see for yourself? Scroll ahead and get ready to be converted.

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