6 Elevated Basics We'll Wear This Season and 6 We're Over

I think all of the fashion editors on our team would agree that basics are the true backbones in all of our wardrobes. While new trends are certainly important to keep our offerings fresh and modern, those simple, staple items are just as crucial to helping balance out our closets. On that note, I thought there could be interest in learning about the elevated basics that various members of our team will be wearing the most this season. It’s these picks that will act as the base layers in many of the team’s standout looks.

To take it one step further, the team also shared the basics they’re not going to wear as much. These picks aren't necessarily “out” but rather won’t be as personally prominent this season. Of course, though, all of this is based on individual preference, and you should wear whatever you love—despite what anyone says.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to shop the basics editors will and won't wear this season, complete with inspired shopping picks.

Wearing: Long-Sleeve Striped Shirts
Not Wearing as Much: Long Cardigans

"Long-sleeve striped shirts are a staple that I'm stocking up on this fall. I plan on keeping things simple and pairing them with jeans and sneakers for a sporty feel or loafers for a preppy feel. The basic I don't plan on wearing as much this season is long cardigans. They just don't feel very fresh to me, and I prefer cropped styles these days."

Wearing: Oversize Shirts
Not Wearing as Much: Skinny Jeans

"I'm still so into oversize button-downs and can't wait to wear them over long-sleeves and under blazers this season. On the flip side, in recently overhauling my denim collection, I realized I don't have much of a use for skinny jeans at the moment, as I've been loving wearing my jeans over my boots, as opposed to tucked in."

"I will always be into flat boots for fall. I just can't be bothered to wear heeled boots anymore because flat versions are so much more practical and durable. I love both lace-up and knee-high boots, both of which I usually style with jeans and cardigans. Easy, peasy."

Wearing: Next-Level Turtlenecks
Not Wearing as Much: Standard Turtlenecks

"While I'll always love a great turtleneck, I've been looking for ones with unique design details to take it to the next level. Whether it's a mesh turtleneck with a unique print, a turtleneck with cutout detail, or even one with two-tone elements, I'm looking for a special feature to make this 'basic' not so basic."

Wearing: Crew-Neck Sweaters
Not Wearing as Much: Standard Shackets

"I will always be into a classic crew-neck sweater. Whether I'm wearing it thrown over my shoulders or tucked into a pair of slouchy trousers, that is one basic I will never part with. On the flip side, lately, I have been kind of over shackets. Is that bad? I always feel confused when I go to style them for some reason, so I'm giving them a rest this season."

Wearing: Basketball Sneakers
Not Wearing as Much: Cropped Pants

"Right now, I'm really into basketball sneakers—fueled by the New Balance 550 resurgence that Teddy Santis from Aimé Leon Dore put into motion—and can't stop wearing the pair that I ordered recently. On the other hand, I'm pressing pause on cropped pants since I've been gravitating toward looser, longer styles."