Longevity Is My Fall Shopping Motto—These 5 Pieces Are Trend-Proof

Maybe it's part of getting older, but in the past few fashion cycles, I've found myself gravitating toward quality closet staples over flashy new trends. There was a point in my life where I hopped on every new It item and was excited to test out all the buzziest trends, but as of late, I've been focused on building a closet full of pieces I can wear for years.

I've been making an effort to be a more conscious consumer by investing in items that can be styled in multiple ways and act as the backbones of my wardrobe. This means differentiating between the pieces that are just a flash in the trend pan and the ones that never go out of style.

This season is no different—I've streamlined my fall shopping list to only include items I feel will have longevity in my wardrobe and will stay with me for years to come. Think tailored trousers, cozy sweaters, and chic blazers that provide the base for endless outfit combinations. These items may have been trends at some point, but they've since graduated to become wardrobe mainstays. Below are the five classic closet staples I plan to shop for fall that I feel 100% confident investing in. 



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Blazers are as synonymous with fall as pumpkin spice at this point. They make for the perfect transitional outerwear when temperatures first start to drop and can be worn with virtually anything. Plus they never go out of style so you can rest assured you're making a smart investment. This fall I'm particularly fond of collegiate-inspired plaids and oversize fits. 



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Trousers are having a major moment this year, but they will always be an elevated outfit choice. Whether styled with a sweater, T-shirt, or button-down, a chic pair of tailored trousers is always a good idea. 



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Trench coats are as classic as it gets, and they instantly elevate whatever outfit you have on underneath. The perfect lightweight fall topper, a classic trench is a wardrobe investment you'll keep in your closet forever. 



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Denim in all forms is about as classic as a white T-shirt. Whether it's dark-wash straight-leg jeans or an oversize jacket, denim is the ultimate fall staple. And while silhouettes may ebb and flow in popularity, you can rest assured every denim trend comes back around every few years. 



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Investing in a soft, neutral sweater for fall is a choice that will reward you for years. A true closet staple, a neutral-colored sweater can be paired with virtually anything and brings a cozy vibe to your fall look. 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor