These 30 Products Went Viral on TikTok This Year, and They're Worth the Hype


Courtesy of Acne Studios; New Balance; Ulta Beauty; Sephora; Amazon

It's no secret that in the past few years, TikTok has blown up as the top social media app to go-to for discovering trends and simply finding enjoyable content. I hate to admit it, but the app has even affected the way I speak. (If you visit the Who What Wear offices, you'll hear various TikTok sounds being used casually in conversation.)

It's also drastically changed the way people shop, with the algorithm giving everybody—not just those with a large amount of followers—a space on the For You Page to share their product recommendations. Stores have even started to put together TikTok sections so customers can find viral products easily when shopping.

The power of the app is real, and there are many product gems that have made it to the app this year. Some we already love here at Who What Wear and they ended up quickly making it to the masses, and some were even new and intrigued us editors just the same. Hundreds of products have gone viral on TikTok's algorithm in 2021, but below, I rounded up the 30 that are worth the hype. 

The leather pants that everyone has and for a valid reason. Contrary to other viral trends, leather pants are a wardrobe staple, so you won't see this going out of style anytime soon.

Whenever I see a video of someone using this gloss, the video always has comments asking where it's from. 

Those in the fashion world know that ACNE Studios and the brand's scarves are nothing new, but it seems like Gen Z is finally taking notice. It's a bit of an investment for a scarf, but you'll come around to wearing it every winter.

Take a trip back to high school because Abercrombie is back, baby! Its '90s jeans are the most hyped up pair of jeans I've seen, and according to some of our editors, I can confirm they are indeed worth it.

I own these pants in camel and black and confirm they are a must have.

I have not met a person that's tried Rare Beauty's blushes and doesn't rave about them.

Whenever I wear this mascara, I always get compliments on how long my lashes are.

I personally love this one because it feels like a serum but applies like a medium-coverage concealer. 

Uggs have never truly been "gone" from the trend cycle, but this mini version is high on everyone's wish lists.

Every time I see someone wearing this dress, I'm blown away all over again.

Just look up the videos of this foundation being applied, and you'll be sold.

There's nothing TikTok loves more than a Y2K trend, and what's more Y2K than a Coach bag? This one is fun still sleek.

I didn't understand the hype of this dress at first, but it truly is so flattering on everyone. Plus, it's on sale right now!

This product had been around for 10 years, but after one video hit 30 million views, it sold out quickly.

It's hard to see a outfit staples video on TikTok that doesn't include this bodysuit.

I ordered these after seeing a video of them, and have no regrets thus far.

This adds a sheen to the hair like no other.

If you don't trust me trust the reviews.

I was not expecting this perfume to have such a luxurious scent. It's a gentle sweet sent with touches of coconut, vanilla, and lavender. 

Charlotte Tilbury's products are always sold out, and I understand why. I bought the mini size of this and put it on the high points of my face. It gives this "beneath the skin" glow that I can't get from any other product.

This is selling out everywhere for a reason.

If you're on the more sensitive side, maybe this product isn't for you. But it's great for those who can handle the slight tingle and wait for the plpu,

New Balance's sneakers are always extremely comfortable, so although I haven't tried this sneaker myself (It's been hard to get my hands on a pair), I have high hopes. My brother owns a pair and I think they make every outfit he wears look effortlessly cool.

The layering trick I never would've thought to do.

The trending videos featuring this are hilarious because it just shows girls wearing the hat for fun and blocking out guys' comments who say something about the sports logo.

TikTok reminded many people that H&M's homeware section is not one to sleep on.

31,000 reviews prove just how viral these earrings are. If you're looking for chunky hoops but don't want to invest in an expensive pair just yet, consider this pair.