These 16 Fashion TikTok Accounts Are Always Ahead of the Curve

It's no secret we talk about TikTok a lot on this site, from the products the app has made sell out to the beauty tricks we've learned from scrolling a little too much on our FYP. Ever since we first covered TikTok two years ago, we've found a plethora of fashionable users along the way. They keep chucking out top-rated fashion content, and we keep hitting the like button. While Instagram may give us the download on what our favorites from the style set are wearing, TikTok can often give a little more, even if it's just 60 seconds.

From product try-ons to fashion history deep-dives, there's a lot of video content on fashion TikTok that's worth taking a look at. It's hard to adhere to your screen-time limits when the creatives below are on your following list. Keep scrolling for 16 users we can't get enough of and think you'll love just the same.

1. Alison Bornstein

@allisonbornstein6 #greenscreen the first of the universal pieces… a button down. i want to note that not everyone needs all of these pieces so dont run out and buy these just bc i said so. i am offering this as a guide to help you style what you have and show you how to put your own spin on a really classic piece! #fashiontiktok #fyp #stylist ♬ original sound - Allison Bornstein

Alison Bornstein just might be TikTok's favorite stylist. Famous for her "three-word method," Bornstein breaks down the style of various iconic people in fashion and helps her followers take a deeper look into their own preferences. After studying her videos, you'll learn something new about your relationship with clothes, and you'll be very pleased.

2. Imani Randolph

While we've been following Imani Randolph on Instagram for quite some time now, we were joyed to find her on TikTok. She still shares her on-trend and intensely cool looks but also gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her modeling and shopping adventures. 

3. April Lockhart

April Lockhart is on a mission to "normalize disabled girls on your feed," and she does this by sharing her thoughts on fashion, documenting her daily outfits, and creating conversations about her place in the industry. 

4. Maha Gondal

Although she now is a powerful face in the fashion industry, Gondal gained a large following due to sharing her forward and modest style on TikTok. She often sports It brands like BY FAR and Ganni and knows how to style layers and oversize silhouettes like a pro.

5. Larissa and Ella Mills

Larissa and Ella Mills are a mother-and-daughter duo that has taken the internet by storm. TikTok is always interested in their daily outfits, and so are we. They often wear well-loved brands like Agolde, Donni, and 4th & Reckless. 

6. Jen Andrews-Cater

Known for her minimal style, Jen is there to give you expert advice on building a classic wardrobe. 

7. Gabriella Gofis

@gabrigofis Replying to @user126832990 linked a lot on Nate fall list / LTK #fallwishlist #fallmusthaves #falltrends2022 #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Gabriella

When we take a look at Gabriella's videos, it's like she has the ability to articulate everything we're thinking while shopping. She has mastered the art of curating pieces that are both high and low within her closet, and will gladly tell you how she does it.

8. Raeann Langas

@raeannlangas I had to try the Helsa Studio collection on behalf of all of us curvy girls :) what do you think?? #helsa #elsahosk ♬ original sound - Raeann Langas

After watching Raeann's TikToks, we immediately want to be her friend. She gives honest reviews on brands to help her followers find more size-inclusive pieces, documents her daily outfits, and you can expect her humourous take on dating and life in general in the mix of it all.

9. Kelsey Kotzur

It's hard to pinpoint Kelsey's exact niche on fashion TikTok because she truly does it all. From her you'll find outfit round-ups, hauls, try-ons, styling videos, travel vlogs, and more. There's no lack of content on her account. You'll always leave her page wanting to re-create an outfit she put together. (I know we do.)

10. Mandy Lee

If you're looking for a deeper insight into trend forecasting, Mandy is your #1 follow. She dives into why certain aesthetics become popular, which trends have longevity, and how to hone in on finding your personal style. Lately, we've been tuning into all her fashion month runway reviews.

11. Tara Gonzales

We might be biased because we're editors, but we love seeing content through an editor lens. After following Tara, you'll get to come along with her as she attends press previews, juggles fashion week events, and vintage shops.

12. Bridget Brown


I need to wear something other than these shorts and boots

♬ Transmission (2010 Remaster) - Joy Division

Bridget Brown is a thrifting expert. Every season, she finds the ultimate wardrobe staples secondhand and inspires her followers to do the same. 

13. Hira

Hira's style is classic and tasteful, often wearing a mixture of high and low brands like Jil Sander and Mango. She's always willing to share her shopping finds and help you find pieces that will become staples in your closet.

14. Shelby Hyde

Shelby Hyde often takes her shopping tips to various publications, and she's now spreading that expert knowledge to TikTok. She's always willing to her shopping tips from an editor's perspective and isn't afraid to give a history rundown on her favorite designers.

15. Claire Rose


fall looks on repeat, found at @theory

♬ original sound - speed songs

You might already follow Claire on Instagram, but her TikTok is worth another look. While she takes to the 'gram to show her outfits, her videos will show a deeper look into her style from how she goes about styling certain pieces to her ultimate wardrobe staples. Most of her videos are often shot in her closet, which is a treat within itself.

16. Reva Bhatt

@hybridhues On my way to meet THE Sabyasachi Mukherjee 🥲 #ootd #style #fashion #nyfw #beauty #art #grwm #fyp ♬ Paper Planes - M.I.A.

As a stylist, Reva Bhatt knows how to put together a creative ensemble. If you're looking to discover new and emerging brands, she's always in the know and is willing to share them.