6 Hyped-Up Items I'm Actually Buying Vintage

I'm always on the lookout for trending pieces and cult buys I can find secondhand. Vintage fashion is my favourite for so many reasons: It's a more sustainable way of shopping, pieces are often made better and come with a story, it gets people thinking outside of the box with style, and (best of all) it's a more affordable way to buy designer brands and trends.

When I can sense a major trend moment about to happen, I'll always message our editor in chief, Hannah Almassi, as she's the same exact way: We always turn to vintage first. Whether it's a comeback of an iconic bag style, like the Fendi Baguette or Dior Saddle, or simply a trend we've spot all over fashion week runways, looking to the past is our favourite way to get ahead of the fashion crowd.

While there's a trend-driven intention in this style of shopping, I always feel more likely to hold onto my vintage pieces much longer than I would something I found on the high street. With each trend piece that pops into my head, I take a minute to consider how it might fit into my existing wardrobe. I also take time to research the best options across Etsy and Vestiaire Collective.

I ensure the quality is up to snuff, looking for long-lasting fabrics and minimal damages, just to completely ensure my purchase is a good investment. And once I go through this process, buying into a trend feels so right, especially since vintage allows it to be one of a kind. I've got my eye on a few pieces right now that I've generously decided to share with you, dear reader.

Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best trending pieces to buy vintage right now, plus all of my tips for how to find them.

1. Classic Bags


(Image credit: @annelauremais)

From Prada Tessutos to Fendi Baguettes, Dior Saddles and Lady bags, there's a massive love of small classic bags right now. They're having a major moment across Instagram, but I imagine they won't go away any time soon. Searching the vintage section of Vestiaire Collective, I simply set the "materials" filter to "silk" and "cloth" to find affordable versions of these gems.

2. Mod Sunnies


(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

Designer brands like Loewe and Gucci have been harkening back to major eyewear moments of the '60s and '70s, first done by designers like Foster Grant and Courrèges. With plastic frames and fabulous shapes, mod sunnies are so easy and affordable to find vintage, and will last you because of the durable plastic.


(Image credit: @pernilleteisbaek)

If you're looking for something non-brand specific on Vestiaire Collective, tick the "non-signe" box. This means "no label" and will likely be more affordable than branded options but still very good quality (especially for costume jewellery).

4. "Old, Old Céline"


(Image credit: @celine)

While the first post–Pheobe Philo Celine collection by Hedi Slimane caused so much controversy that there became the definitive divide between "old" and "new" Celine, the fashion crowd received the autumn/winter 2019 collection much more warmly. This is mostly due to Slimane's references to the "original, bourgeois Celine" that Vogue critic Sarah Mower refers to as "old, old Celine." From the horse-bit belts to logo handbags, so many of the original pieces are available to buy vintage. I'd highly recommend snapping up a few of them sooner rather than later, as I anticipate their value will increase when the new season drops.


5. '80s Party Dresses


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

From the Attico to Zara, the 80s trending influence is palpably everywhere right now. So strong is it, and quite literally too—it's a strong look, that you can actually just buy something from the '80s, for example Yves Saint Laurent or Mary McFadden, and people wouldn't know. Colourful silks, big bows, velvet skirts... it all comes from the 1980s! On Etsy search for "puff sleeve" or "prom dress" and see what fun you can find. 

6. Knee-High Boots


(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Knee-high boots came back in a real way this year, and we love seeing how differently they're being styled. Opting for a vintage pair (just make sure the condition is good, especially for shoes) means that they are already worked in, and you can find some really unique styles. 

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