Victoria Beckham Loves This Outfit So Much She Wore It Twice

Victoria Beckham is known for her impeccably polished style, however her new outfit obsession is a little more casual than we'd expect from VB. Yesterday in New York, VB stepped out in what looked like her pyjamas—a Pepto Bismol pink checked oversize shirt with a pair of matching wide-leg PJ-style trousers. To make it look even more sofa-ready, she had an expensive-looking cashmere tan jumper thrown over her arm.

This isn't the first time VB has given us a lesson in loungewear, as back in June the designer wore the exact same breezy PJ ensemble in sky blueScroll below to see how VB wears pyjamas out of the house and shop her look. 


(Image credit: Getty)

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Emma Spedding