I've Been Wearing Victoria Beckham's New Perfume All Week and I Have Thoughts

I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham. I've loved her style for years, and as a beauty editor, I use her makeup products on a daily basis. So, when I heard that she was launching her first collection of fine fragrances, you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on one. In fact, I practically screamed at the postman when the package arrived at my door.

If you didn't know, VB has released three luxury perfumes, and they look just as chic as you would imagine. All of the scents are inspired by memories from different stages of her life, and each perfume has been designed to capture a specific time, place or experience. After reading up about each one, I opted for Portofino '97. This fragrance is housed in a bright blue and gold bottle, and the scent is meant to capture the thrill of new romance (inspired by the beginning of her relationship with David Beckham in 1997, of course). I couldn't wait to see what this perfume would smell like, so keep on scrolling for my honest review…


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First up, can we take a moment for the packaging? The perfume arrived in a white box with Victoria Beckham's signature branding on the front, and the bottle itself is a work of art. I'm not lying when I say that I've had this proudly on display in my bathroom ever since I received it. 

What Does The Victoria Beckham Perfume Smell Like?

Now, onto the scent. The perfume opens with sweet, citrusy bergamot and grapefruit which quickly make way for spicy black pepper and crisp bamboo. The fragrance finishes with warming amber and vetiver, and honestly, the scent was not what I expected at all. For some reason, I expected this to be a sweet, floral kind of fragrance, but Beckham has gone for something so much more unique, and I'm totally here for it.


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If you had to ask me to describe this fragrance in a nutshell, I would say it's fresh, it's earthy and it's seriously sexy. It's definitely more of a unisex scent in my opinion, and I like to think that both Victoria and David Beckham smell just as good in this. One thing is for sure: it really does capture that intoxicating feeling of falling in love.

I've been testing this perfume for a whole week now, and it's quite addictive. I've had compliments from everyone including my boyfriend, my mum and my colleagues, so I know I'm onto a winner. However, my biggest takeaway from testing this perfume is the staying power. I struggle to find long-lasting scents that I actually enjoy, but I found that I was still getting hints of this fragrance late into the evening after wearing it all day. 

Is The Victoria Beckham Perfume Worth It?

I know we can all be a little bit sceptical when a celebrity brings out a new beauty product, but this perfume has surprised me in so many ways, and I'm desperate to give the other two scents a go. As with most luxury perfumes, this fragrance doesn't come cheap, and a 50ml bottle will set you back a cool £170. That being said, thanks to the unique scent and impressive lasting power, you'll definitely get a lot for your money. Tempted? Check out the full collection below.

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