I Never Thought You Could Find Good Fashion Items Under $25—I Was Wrong

Things I like: words like "cashmere," "made in Italy," "handcrafted by artisans," "grown on an organic farm," "imported," "real silk," and "solid gold"; finding free stuff on the counter in the break room; seeing that the UPS guy has come (and that my packages have been delivered); when someone updates the Cute Animal News channel on Slack; and stealing story-framing devices from Zach Lowe, apparently. (Fellow basketball fans, back me up here.)

Things I don't like: subsisting on a diet of ramen (not the fancy vegan kind from Grand Central Market) all the way up until payday, or trying to explain to my live-in partner why my half of the rent might be coming "fashionably late," which is code for "don't look in my closet; you definitely won't like all the boxes and bags you'll find in there." (Or, alternatively, "I have no idea who stole my credit card and purchased Bruce Springsteen's entire catalog on vinyl." IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE.)

Which is why I (try to) rely on less pricey updates to my wardrobe. A selectively made $25 pick here or there can keep things fresh (and make the rare investment buy feel a bit more special), and I've got proof. Keep reading to see and shop 25 under-$25 fashion picks you'll never regret.

In case you don't have the funds for one of the many $200+ options.

Beaded bags are still big news (but don't have to take up a big chunk of your budget).

I'll be wearing these all winter staycation long.

Your new favorite (affordable!) plain black tee awaits.

Take a break from plain black tights this winter.

The most affordable (and fun) way to get into Ganni.

Love a square neckline (especially when ruffles are involved).

Patent lends a pricier air to these ballet flats, don't you think?

A steal of a jumpsuit if I've ever seen one.

Note to self: Save till spring. (Also, the pink colorway is quite nice.)

One of the season's many It prints. 

Next up, check out 23 affordable picks that won't be a mistake (I swear!).

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