I Swear These 23 Affordable Picks Won't Be a Mistake

I don't like making mistakes period, but I especially don't like admitting to making them. What that means on the sartorial front is that I've gone to pretty extreme lengths to avoid facing up to certain fashion fails over the course of my 30 years on this planet. Have I endured walking around in gorgeous but slightly too-small boots for days on end rather than admit defeat? Maybe, in the name of cost per wear. Have I on occasion carried a micro-bag so incredibly micro that I carried a tote bag around on my other shoulder to house essentials like my phone and wallet? Shh… That thing was expensive.

Which is what brings me to the subject of today's post, as investment buys aren't the only category in which it's possible to make a misstep. How many times have you mindlessly spent $15 or $20 on an impulsive purchase you soon forgot about after wearing once (or worse, never wore at all)? That's all about to change, friends. If you're looking for an affordable but thoughtful fashion fix (or not-so-spendy gift idea for a friend or loved one), keep on reading. I've rounded up 23 solid picks you'll purchase and actually get a whole lot of use out of. Look at us being all responsible!

The '90s called, and they're actually going to let you borrow their go-to hair accessories. So kind.

Checkerboard patterns are having a moment, as evidenced by the recent Vans revival (not to mention all the goodies currently hitting retailer shelves).

Transparent accessories aren't going anywhere, as evidenced by this fun plaid pick.

French-girl style just got a whole lot more affordable.

Monogram Studio makes some of my all-time favorite shirts, and I'm grabbing this total steal of a shirt from its Madewell collab before it's gone for good.

I feel like my love for belt bags has been well established by this point, but here's one more pick I'm currently coveting.

A solid pair of hoops to add to your accessory arsenal. Just the right size!

In case your wallet's been looking a little lackluster as of late.

Ganni's been killing it in the sock department recently.

This Topshop jumpsuit's still in stock in a bunch of sizes (but probably not for long).

Forget off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder styles; this season, one-shoulder tops are back.

Fun, artsy, and fiscally responsible.

Beaded bags are another big trend, but you don't have to spend big to get it on it.

More hair clips vying for real estate on your head this month.

Another pair of earrings that have our heart. (So sorry for that one, but ICYMI, yes, the trend is major.)

Simple but undeniably Parisian—pretty much ideal.

Have you noticed how into hair accessories F/W 18 is?

Lime green is another key color trend to have on your radar these days.

Need a new pair of jeans? I found a solid option under $30!

Another big jewelry trend you don't have to spend a lot on.

An easy entry point into becoming a hat person.

Cherrypicking my favorite accessories over here.

Everything's coming up roses, it seems.

A sporty addition to your winter wardrobe.

We love a good structured bag, especially when it comes in Gen-Z Yellow.

Speaking of affordable picks, next up, see 27 picks I found hiding in the super-clearance section.