It's True: Everyone From L.A. to Paris Will Be Wearing These Summer Hairstyles

Summer is officially here, which means that weddings, picnics, festivals, hen parties, and beach trips are filling up our social calendars fast. I know I'm not the only one who's already mentally planning my holiday outfits, golden-hour inspired makeup looks and the eye-catching manicures I want to wear to all of these events. After a winter spent hibernating in knitwear and a messy bun, I'm ready to embrace summer and all the fashion and beauty creativity that comes with it.

Without the fear that rain or wind will ruin your hair, now's the time of year to experiment with the looks you love, from loose, beachy waves to slicked-back buns and super-high ponytails. Quick, easy, long-lasting, and (most importantly) low-maintenance hairstyles are exactly what summer calls for.

So, if you're looking for summer hair inspiration, keep scrolling to discover 23 summer hairstyles to see you through until autumn.

1. Wavy Bob


(Image credit: @GRECEGHANEM)

A short, wavy bob and supersized sunglasses always look good together.

2. Retro Clip


(Image credit: @NNENNACHEM)

Retro-style hair clips are majorly on trend this summer.

3. Shoulder-skimming bob


(Image credit: @ISABELLECOHEEN)

Summer is the best time of year to take the plunge and experiment with a short, shoulder-skimming style.

4. Loose Waves


(Image credit: @MONIKH)

Long, loose waves are perhaps the most low-maintenance summer hairstyle there is. Forego the heat tools and plait your hair overnight for a truly beachy look.

5. Skinny Headband


(Image credit: @CARODAUR)

Want to wear your hair down and keep it off your face at the same time? A skinny headband will do just that.

7. Baseball Cap



Sofie Richie Grainge's loose voluminous waves, oversized sunnies and retro baseball cap are a lesson in summer cool.

8. Layered Curls


(Image credit: @YARASHAHIDI)

If your hair is thick and heavy, ask your hairdresser to add in some layers at your next appointment. Not only will it take some of the weight off, but it will add shape to short and curly styles, too.

9. High Ponytail


(Image credit: @JOANNACOOPS)

A high, scraped-back ponytail is our favourite way to disguise day-three hair that we can't be bothered to wash.

10. Face-Framing Fringe


(Image credit: @MISSTPW)

If you tend to opt for updos when temperatures rise, consider leaving a few strands loose to frame your face.

11. Mini Ribbons


(Image credit: @SARAHHSOL)

Quick, easy, and oh-so pretty, ribbons make for the perfect summer hair accessory.

12. Claw Clip Updo



Both practical and chic, you can't beat a claw-clip updo.

13. Topknot


(Image credit: @AMAKA.HAMELIJNCK)

Lessen the weight of your hair by twisting the upper section into a topknot. Bonus points if you accessorise with cute flower clips.

14. Loose Plait


(Image credit: @NATASHANDLOVU)

If you're heading to the beach, braid your hair into a loose plait. Not only will it keep it out of your face when it gets breezy, but it'll also leave you with beachy waves by the end of the day.

15. Micro Bun


(Image credit: @DINAHANSEN)

Those with short hair can sometimes feel limited when it comes to updos, but a brushed-back mini bun always looks chic.

16. Voluminous Ponytail


(Image credit: @LEFEVREDIARY)

Show off your hair's natural waves with a low ponytail.

17. Floral Sunhat


(Image credit: @FIAHAMELIJNCK)

A sunhat really is the perfect summer hair accessory—they look cool and protect your scalp from the sun.

17. Half-Up, Half-Down


(Image credit: @LINDSEYHOLLAND_)

When you can't decide between loose hair or an updo, why not do both?

18. Plaited Ponytail


(Image credit: @JEANNINE.ROXAS)

If you're bored of your usual go-to ponytail, try plaiting the length of your hair instead.

19. Claw-Clip Twist


(Image credit: @LIZZYHADFIELD)

Keep a claw clip in your handbag for a quick, easy and low-maintenance summer hairstyle whilst on the go.

20. Braided Bun


(Image credit: @TENICKAB)

Twist heavy braids into a bun to keep them off your neck when the summer heat gets too much.

21. Mismatched Clips


(Image credit: @ALYSSAINTHECITY)

Mismatched hair clips are a fun way to accessorise a super short hairstyle—we love this look for festival season.

22. Beachy Waves


(Image credit: @NITSANRAITER)

Perhaps the ultimate classic summer hairstyle, you can't go wrong with beachy waves.

23. '90s Headband



Far more than just a chic summer hair accessory, '90s -style elasticated headbands are a great way to keep hair away from your face in the heat.

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