Forget Passing Trends—These 7 Spring Shoe Styles Always Come Back Around

When you've worked in fashion for as long as I have (12 years and counting), there's one thing you know for certain: Trends always come back around. Let's look at the past year as an example. During the last 365 days, we saw the resurrection of one particular trend that made the most open-minded editor shudder, at least initially. I'm talking about low-rise jeans, which many have embraced in the months since their resurgence. Layer in less polarising pieces like '90s-style cargo trousers, '70s-esque fringing and miniskirts that rival originals from the '60s, and it's clear—fashion is indeed circular.

This is why we stress that you should never shop frivolously; everything you decide to buy should be done so with longevity in mind. It's only natural that a dress or bag might lose its appeal after a while, especially if you're repeat-wearing it, but if you bought it with intent and consideration, it will always be a piece you'll want to return to later down the line. Now, let's apply this analogy to shoes. 

You could argue that shoe trends come back around more regularly than clothing trends will, as the styles are simply fewer and farther between. Personally, I never purge my shoe collection, as I know it's only a matter of time before chunky Mary Janes or backless loafers come to the fore again. To further prove my point, you need only look at the seven spring shoe trends coming in hot for 2023, which I've chronicled below. Each of them has enjoyed time in the style spotlight previously, but somehow, they all feel extremely fresh for 2023. From wedges (yes, really) to the update to your loafers that endures from last season, scroll on to see the shoe trends that really matter this spring and, let's face it, will matter for future springs, too. 

1. Modern Wedges


(Image credit: @monikh)

Style Notes: No shoe trend is quite as divisive as wedge heels; it's often a look our editors can't settle on. However, with clean lines and thin straps, 2023's take is one we can all get behind. 


2. Mary Jane Flats


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

Style Notes: Ballet flats have been trending for a while now, but I've started to see a shift towards doll-like Mary Janes. Unlike the heeled platform styles made famous by Nodaleto in 2021, this spring, it's all about flat pairs in delicate fabrics, such as velvet and satin.


3. Cowboy Boots


(Image credit: @chrissyford)

Style Notes: A boot trend that never really goes out of style but always manages to catch us off-guard when it peaks is cowboy boots. For 2023, look for statement pairs, such as two-tone or bright colours. For the classicists amongst us, however, you can never, ever go wrong with tan suede. 


4. Block-Heel Slingbacks


(Image credit: @juliesfi)

Style Notes: Of all the shoe trends of the last year, slingbacks were some of the most noteworthy. They're often found with kitten heels and pointed toes, but for 2023, things are apparently taking a blockier turn, with chunky heels and squared-off toes. 


5. Pointed-Toe Boots


(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

Style Notes: Fashion's renewed appreciation for knife-sharp pointed-toe boots might have began last year, but I know it's going to stick around for spring, too. Knee-high styles are a mainstay, but prepare for calf and ankle heights to emerge as we head into the warmer months. 


6. Colour-Block Trainers


(Image credit: @monikh)

Style Notes: There are countless trainer trends on offer this season, but my favourite sneaker is the one that involves '80s-style colour-blocking. As someone who wears a lot of neutral tones, this kick presents and easy way to transition those pieces into spring. 


7. Chunky Loafers


(Image credit: @raeannlangas)

Style Notes: For the past six or so years, every shoe trend story I've written has involved loafers of some iteration. If you've already invested in a chunky pair, you've done well, as they're going to continue to feel prevalent well into 2023. 


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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

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